Hello, everyone!

My name is Alex Saveliev. I was born in Russia and went to school there. When I was 7 my father presented me with a camera, wishing me to do something useful and entertaining in my free time. I liked that camera very much and pictured almost everything I saw. Once I heard an advertisement inviting children to join free photography class and I went there. Thus began my career as a photographer.

I moved to the USA when i was 20. At first, I was working as a fashion photographer. I made different pictures of models at the fashion shows and catwalks; for portfolios and magazines. While being a photographer, I developed myself in this sphere. I started to give trainings and seminars for beginning photographers teaching them new and trendy issues. As time passed I decided to add something different to my daily fashion pictures and tried myself as a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is absolutely different. It is challenging, but it gives you a lot of positive emotions, feeling of happiness, warmth and love. I create wedding pictures with unique style, atmosphere, sensitivity and surely quality. I entertain couples and make them laugh in order to look natural and relaxed in front of the camera. There are a lot of places in New York to make cool wedding pictures, but even if you are outside the city I will do a perfect job. All my clients are grateful for me for creating gorgeous wedding pictures and i definitely value their feedback and always do my best.

I will make great wedding pictures of your Big Day! Feel free to contact me.